About Us


Because as a CEO you have to make tough decisions as a leader, you also have to be tough, strong and be able to endure the threats to your survival. The business world can often mirror a jungle-like environment and as a CEO you have to be prepared to take on the beast! 

Entrepreneurs face a wide variety of “beasts” including: 

  • Unsupportive family & friends 
  • Lack of experience 
  • Lack of capital
  • No mentor or coach
  • Poor time management 
  • Lack of a business support team
  • Emotional & Physical fatigue 

… and the list goes on! 

The CEORhino Community

We have established an open support community for entrepreneurs who are in the jungle building their dreams. Together we will learn, grow, and support each other against many of the jungle beasts that may threaten our success. 


CEORhino was created by Marcus & Sye Wells owners of JHD Marketing and JHD Capital Consultants. They are an entrepreneur couple and power team, who are also raising two young CEORhinos of their own with Jalen & Sebastian, founders of CrazyFitKids.com.